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  1. Utilize full search query affixes  ·  We're considering this

  2. Expand [Export Data] function to be exported the data per Group or Thread.

  3. New Europe data Location  ·  We're currently building this

  4. New Japan data location  ·  We plan to build this

  5. From a Yammer group share a discussion to other yammer groups and keep responses in the same thread

  6. Have the ability to import exported data when merging networks

  7. Provide action based Analytics Data  ·  We're currently building this

  8. Add a function that allows data migration  ·  We've read this

  9. fix the bug "download data" function

  10. Export Yammer Data By Type For Network Admins

  11. Enhance the function linkage of migrating data between Yammer and Microsoft Teams.  ·  We've read this

  12. include an extra column for 'type of message' in the Network Data .csv file for admins

  13. Allow an iframe to be posted so that short forms can be posted and data can be collected

  14. know how possible is it to capture EXIF data from pictures posted in a group

  15. implement the feature to extract "Like" related data indicating the person to have voted, the voted time, and the type of post once voted.  ·  We've read this

  16. Ability to get at Yammer's raw data for usage, so we can see indiv usage, by group, post/like/read with date/time. (One row per activity.)

  17. Undo the item name changes in the User.csv file when exporting the data.

  18. implement the feature to process the collective data of the users who set the item of [Follow with Inbox] to be set per Yammer's post.  ·  We've read this

  19. Enable Yammer admin to create additional taxonomy for groups (for us department and country) - then we can easy report on that data  ·  We're currently building this

  20. Search for Threads with no replies

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