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  1. New Europe data Location  ·  We've shipped this!

  2. Utilize full search query affixes  ·  We're considering this

  3. Keep better track of responses to posts.

  4. Add a function that allows data migration  ·  We've read this

  5. Fix issues with exporting network data when there is a large volume of data

  6. Have the ability to import exported data when merging networks

  7. This idea will consume less time and will be done in few clicks. and the data will be safe in Yammer rather then using third party websites.

  8. Data extracted using the Yammer Rest API is incomplete

  9. Detailed data export including member entry/exits per Yammer group

  10. Mark and pin the correct answer to a question next to the question  ·  We've shipped this!

  11. Enable Yammer admin to create additional taxonomy for groups (for us department and country) - then we can easy report on that data  ·  We're currently building this

  12. Better controls on Yammer email notifications

  13. Provide action based Analytics Data  ·  We're currently building this

  14. Improve Images/Data scraped from links when posting  ·  We're considering this

  15. Enable users/admin to set retention policies on private messages

  16. It would be great if we had a view where we could see the most "popular" (most liked/commented on) posts.  ·  We're considering this

  17. Replace deleted posts with replies with a marker indicating a post was deleted  ·  We're considering this

  18. Migrate Yammer network from US_Geo to EU_Geo for Existing Customers who had purchased theirOffice 365 Tenant before EU_GEO Availability for

  19. Allow external users in EU Geo

  20. Add a “Copy link” function to post responses

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